Scenes from the Airport #1

Sabi nila, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In that case, siguro no one will notice kung dadagdagan ko ng 250-ish words ang kuwento nito. This is me scribbling stories into stills of everyday life.*img_0257-edit-1

“Pa, bili mo ko ng ensaymada!”

Mike turned to where Lea was pointing, his momentum almost causing his oversized shoulder bag to slip off his shoulder.

“Ayos ngang nasa isang bag lang lahat ng kailangang dalin, para ka namang tanga,” Mike thought. He was used to travelling as light as possible. A couple of years ago, his phone, pair of in-ears, wallet, passport, and boarding pass was all he needed to have on him during vacation trips; the rest he checked in or bought as needed. Carrying anything non-essential was just a liability.

Comfort. That was all that mattered then. That was all that should have mattered now, at least when Mike was outside his 8-to-5. Though it wasn’t his first choice—he wanted to be a b-boy—he had a real knack with taxes, finances, and all corporate monetary matters. The pay and perks were lucrative, and he only had to work four days a week. The rest he spent travelling to get away from the stresses of being a suit.

While Mike enjoyed his getaways, there was always something missing. Something not even all the joys of the world could give: a purpose; something to live for besides himself.

But when he first held his daughter in his arms, he knew. He knew that what he does from that moment on will have meaning. Three years later, that meant diapers, wipes, infant formula, inane toys, and all sorts of knick knacks, all in an oversized shoulder bag.

Because the comfort of the little girl next to him will always come first.

*P.S. Obviously, work of fiction ang lahat ng ito. Any resemblance of the story below to any real life story is coincidental. If you happen to find shots of yourself or others you may know in these pages and you’re not comfortable with that, please shoot me a message through this “Contact” form and I will remove the picture. Siyempre, may disclaimer talaga. Wala tayong pambayad ng abogado.


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